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Energy Assessment and Evaluation


Capital Management Engineering Limited offers a variety of energy evaluation services. More widely termed as energy assessing or energy auditing, Capital Management provides general energy modeling and evaluation of potential energy conservation measures with the objective of identifying measures that have a positive pay back and also identify those which may be lost leaders that result in limited to no payback and increased business risk. These services often go hand in hand with capital planning and when the services are combined, the impact of incorporating energy efficiencies into traditional recapitalization can often have an exponential impact on savings. The result of evaluating the total cost of ownership rather than either the operating, maintenance and capital costs independently gives our client an informed business advantage

The energy assessments can be completed either on whole portfolios, individual buildings or a specific proposed project involving new implementation, renovations or simple component replacement. We are pleased to support our clients with a variety of modelling tools and more importantly a tried and tested approach to evaluating, screening and proposing energy solutions.

What is the condition of your buildings and where is your money best spent?

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