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Financial Due Diligence

We provide Property Condition Assessments aimed at supporting mortgage acquisition and financing. These general property condition assessments typically include a written report, anticipated capital cash flow requirements equal to the term of the loan, and various pictures of the property. They typically follow a recognised ASTM standard and are aimed at describing the capital risk associated with the property over a specific term, typically equal to or greater than the term of the loan. These reports are typically time sensitive and are usually required on or before closing; so please contact us early in your purchase and sale negotiations to allow adequate time to complete your report prior to your closing date.

Can you answer these questions about your proposed acquisition?

  • What is the condition of the building and property?
  • How much capital will be required during the term of the mortgage?
  • What components are likely to fail or be of concern during the mortgage term?
  • Should there be a discount on the purchase price based on the work that needs to be completed?

What is the condition of your buildings and where is your money best spent?

How do you evaluate and maximize your return on your investment?