Financial Due Diligence
Detailed Condition
Energy Assessment and Evaluation
Project Monitoring
Capital Planning & Facility Condition Indexing
Divestiture Due Diligence

5531 Cornwallis Street,
Halifax, NS, B3K 1B3
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Oakville, ON, L6L 6T3

About Us

Capital Management Engineering Limited (CMEL) is a Nova Scotia based consulting firm servicing North America. We provide a host of services supporting property operations, management and ownership. Some of our services include financial due diligence, capital planning, energy assessment and evaluation, infrastructure renewal, project monitoring and business case analysis.

With a well established track record and key personnel with decades of experience, CMEL provides unparalleled service and quality to their clients. We are always happy to provide you with reference. If you have a specific Project in mind please contact us to discuss our relevant experience.

Both our head office in Halifax and our satellite offices in new Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta provide easy access to all points across North America. If you are looking for a company which can provide you with incredible service in support of your real property transactions and capital decisions, please donít hesitate to contact us about your project!




We are a specialized engineering consulting firm supporting real estate transaction and management with a variety of services. We have a combination of scientists, professional engineers and technicians with a wealth of experience in supporting the management, acquisition and divestiture of real property.